sequinbrightClear Living Space is about making spaces beautiful and functional. It is what I do best and I absolutely love the process and the results. My NYC fashion merchandising experience honors your personal possessions and retail store products. My style introduces an ease to living, clarity of message, welcomes in good feelings and frees the mind so you can get on with other things. I approach projects with energy and enthusiasm. My intention is to bring out the best in people without making the person to feel vulnerable. With strong interpersonal skills, discretion and honesty, working together, the situation will be improved. Creative, yet practical solutions bring superior personalized results.

On the East Coast, in the Midwest and the West Coast, I’ve stylized and staged homes, and offices. Living in Southeast Asia and Europe added exotic influences to the style ideas I can offer. Seasonal opening & freshening of beach cottages and relocation preparation has also been fulfilled for my clients. Easy systems I develop by the way you use your space so that ease can be maintained over time. Subscription services are available for regular return visits to keep the area glowing so you don’t have to think about it. Whether the need is for personal or business, my design talents paired with a love of organizing, brings quality results.

My education